Know how is not a matter of coincidence

Changes of the law and new court decisions require continuing training and skills adjustment. Only in this way can the best possible advice be guaranteed. The most up to date office infrastructure and most recent legal literature ensures that we are always up to date. Ultimately, the knowledge of the most recent court decision could decide your case.

Specialisation is necessary to provide an efficient, and thus cheaper, solution to non-standard legal issues. However, our specialisation is based on a profound and broad legal knowledge. If your case requires any services not covered by us, we will involve one of our specialised colleagues or to refer your case.

We predominately advise in connection with civil law. Civil law regulates the legal relationships between individuals/businesses. However, also this field of law is divided into various areas (for example family law, commercial law or tort law etc.)

In order to offer a wide spectrum of legal advice, irrespective of any specialisation, your case will be managed by one of our specialists competent for the specific legal issue. Sometimes our lawyers cover same practice areas and sometimes individual complex legal areas are exclusively covered by specific lawyers.

What our clients say

“Dr. Pichler, LL.M. attorneys-at-law convinces by its competence and fast response. A good example is the entire team’s readiness to help and the proactive and prompt updates with respect to ongoing proceedings.”
Dr. Wolfgang Eichler, chairman of the board of Sparkasse Bludenz
“For the first time in my life I needed the help of a lawyer and at the beginning I felt very insecure. However, as I entered the firm my nervousness vanished. The meeting with my lawyer as well as the entire management of my case was competent, clear and professional. I can highly recommend the firm and, if I ever require legal advice, will use their services in any event.”
Thomas Auer, professional ice hockey player
“Clemens Pichler and his team are very professional and competent in all matters. The client’s needs have priority and I feel that I have been advised best possible. The team uses all possibilities to safeguard the client’s interests. All in all one could say that Dr. Pichler, LL.M. attorneys-at-law offers an all-inclusive carefree service.”
Mag. Simon Ender, managing director Ender Werbung
“Fast, competent and professional implementation. “
“I am very pleased with Dr. Pichler, LL.M. attorneys-at-law as they always provide good advice in connection with all my legal matters and all legal issues, whether private, business or sports related, are well assessed and they do not file a law suit just for the sake of it. I always feel in good hands.”
Herbert Oberscheider, entrepreneur

We advise on the following:

  • Civil law
  • Claims for damages/Warranty claims
  • Commercial agency law
  • Commercial law
  • Competition
  • Contract law
  • Copyright law
  • Corporate law
  • Distribution law
  • Employment
  • Gas service stations
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual property
  • Internet and domain law
  • Investor protection
  • IT- and E-commerce
  • Licensing agreements
  • Litigation
  • Matrimonial and family law
  • Media law
  • Real estate agents
  • Residential properties
  • Telecommunications law
  • Tenancy law and residential property
  • Trademark law